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How to secure Thomega Canada Remembers DVD and learning plan sets for schools in your Legions region?

Download Current Price List (includes shipping and tax costs) (PDF)

Thomega Entertainment initiated the concept of this project, simply designed to get the message of the significant service and sacrifices by so many, into over 15,500 schools, libraries and related organizations, nationwide! The primary goal is to give as many students as possible access to over ten hours of engaging, informative, historical programming which includes a Teachers Guide that brings attention to the fact that freedom in this country … did not come free!

With your organization’s participation, your Legion can help secure and distribute DVD copies to schools, libraries and our history teachers throughout the country. This project will be a valuable resource for generations of students. Through your Legion’s Poppy Trust Fund, (or other), the Thomega Canada Remembers Documentary Series perfectly meets mandated requirements, so you have the opportunity for your Legion to extend the benefit to schools across Canada.

Thomega is proudly offering Royal Canadian Legions across Canada the opportunity to assist through their contribution, in distributing this significant programming to all schools, libraries and related organizations across Canada! Thus, keeping their own community legacy alive.

How Can Your Legion Help?

For $499.00 plus applicable taxes and shipping, your Legion receives a hard cover Educational Guide and Educational Documentary DVDs or REMOTE sets (usually requested by schools) and one complimentary copy of Crash Harrison: Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death by Deana J. Driver, about an honoured Canadian Veteran whose stories are in several of our documentaries. When your Legion secures the set with a bonus Educational Guide, Thomega will automatically “match” and send an additional program set and Teachers Guide to a school of your choice! Every school, we match your Legion’s contribution!

Just fill out the requisition form and mail to Thomega Entertainment Inc., with your check and or money order. Please call for confirmation of the number of sets and amount, including taxes and shipping. Please allow for three to six weeks delivery.

Download Current Price List (includes shipping and tax costs) (PDF)