Thomega is proud to officially announce, that we are producing an extraordinary documentary , exploring the Service and Sacrifice of Veterans from 10th Mountain combat team USA with WPBS.

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Feb 21, 2023Everyday After documents PTSD in veterans

Nov 11, 2022Saskatchewan filmmaker captures veterans’ stories before they are lost forever

Oct 30, 2022 — Thomega Entertainment is proud to announce the theatrical screening of “Canada Remembers Our Heroes Peacekeepers and Peace Enforcement ” at the Cineplex Theatre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on November 9th, 2022. View the Canada Remembers Our Heroes Peacekeepers and Peace Enforcement trailer.

Oct 17, 2022 — Thomega Entertainment is proud to announce the theatrical screening of “Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Operation Friction The First Gulf War” at the Cineplex Theatre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on November 9th, 2022. View the Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Operation Friction trailer.

Aug 9, 2022National Peacekeepers Day

Proud and honoured to have been on the John Gormley radio show today (Sept 30, 2021), this day an inaugural day for Truth and Reconciliation with Alex Tawpisim .

Global News, Canada Remembers Commemorative School Project report

Click link below to view the four minute introduction/presentation video

Canada Remembers Air Show

Documenting Canada Remembers 2000

Canada Remembers – Documenting Memories, Thomega Ent, Anthony Towstego, GlobalTV Saskatoon, 2010

Canada Remembers First Documentary Announced on Global TV


Canada Remembers Festival For Heroes

Canada Remembers: A Veterans Reunion

Canada Remembers: Its Time to Say Thanks

Canada Remembers: Achievements and Sacrifices

Canada Remembers: Women Who Have Served and Sacrificed

The Making of Canada Remembers: A Veterans Reunion

Other Media (Magazine articles, etc)

WPBS Honoring Veterans with Special Programming this November (Nov 2021)

Story collector: Saskatoon filmmaker keeps veterans’ memories alive. Saskatoon filmmaker Tony Towstego has documented 300 veterans’ stories over the last 22 years.

The documentary “Canada Remembers Our Heroes: The Liberators”, directed by Anthony Towstego is airing on May 5, 2021. CBC Radio host Leisha Grebinski speaks with Towstego, the president of Saskatoon company Thomega Entertainment.

Much appreciation to Matt Young and CTV Saskatoon, helping to inform the public about our latest Canada Remembers Our Heroes Documentary, the Liberators. May 5th is the anniversary in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 please tune into Ami-tv on Wednesday, May 5 at 6pm CST. Story is about six min into this newscast.

Reg Harrison meets with Snow Bird pilots during “Operation Inspiration”.
(Global News May 15, 2020)

Director of Canada Remembers Women Who Have Served and Sacrificed, Tony Towstego, speaks at a press conference at the Nutana Legion Wednesday, with female veterans at his sides. L-R: Beth Marie Murphy, Tony Towstego, Ruth Bond-Martinson and Dorothy Harder.

Photo by Richard Marjan, The StarPhoenix 11.08.2010

Whitehorse Legion helps Yukon students learn about service and sacrifice
These resources will help Yukon students learn about the significant service and sacrifice made by Canadian veterans.
Learn more:

Proud of Reg Harrison, honorary Snow Bird. Excellent CBC coverage (CBC National) of this event and Thomega Canada Remembers Commemorative School Project, that Reg is featured in, being presented to schools coast to coast. 🇨🇦

Saskatoon Morning with Leisha Grebinski (CBC Radio)
Since 2001 it’s been providing students and teachers in more than two hundred Saskatchewan schools with historical knowledge of the service and sacrifice of veterans. Now Saskatoon’s Thomega (toe-MAY-gah) Entertainment with be distributing its Canada Remembers documentary series in a number of schools across the country with the help of Canada’s legions.
Listen to the live interview with Tony and Brian
Listen to CBC Radio’s live streams and shows on demand.

Natalie Duddridge is an award-winning journalist. She joined CBS2 News as a reporter in February 2018. We are proud of Natalie’s participation early in her career on Canada Remembers Our Lasting Legacy as youth interviewer. Click here to see what she is doing now.

Press interview Global TV Canada Remembers National TV series. Brian Swidrovich

Drill Team participates in Canadian air show (By Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano, Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs / Published August 11, 2011)

To Our Canadian Troops Commemorative CD

Anthony Towstego’s first Veteran interview (1986) — James Doohan

June 6, 1944, James M. Doohan of Vancouver, led D Company of Royal Winnipeg Rifles ashore at Juno beach. He would be shot 6 times, survive and go on to become Scotty on Star Trek.

“This kind soul was one of the first Veteran interviews I ever had. It was the mid eighties when James Doohan shared his story with me” Anthony adds “We had a bottle of fine red French wine and Chinese food that night when he opened up to me. Sadly, I had no camera on him. He shared in tears his vivid memories of his war story. I was mesmerized. And yes he did reveal his half finger to me… that he would conceal from cameras. .. amazing man”

Although he played Scotsman Montgomery “Scotty” Scott on the original “Star Trek,” actor James Doohan was Canadian and served in the Royal Canadian Artillery during the Second World War. Doohan was among the first wave of Canadians to come ashore at Juno Beach on D-Day. After taking out German snipers, Doohan was himself shot six times, losing a finger on his right hand. He would conceal that wound during most of his career as an actor. Toughest red shirt EVA!!!!

The Thomega Canada Remembers Commemorative School initiative team was pleased to approve the use of the projects iconic brand image (Canada Remembers Boy on plane wing) on the cover of the Saskatchewan Royal Legion Command Recognition Book distributed to thousands throughout the province in 2019 This brand was also used in international publications.

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Globe & Mail Newspaper Article

WWII, Korean vets documentary a video to remember

Documentary features local veterans in their own words

Lasting tributes to vets

We Remember

This poster courtesy of the Canadian War Museum and appears in Canada Remembers Women Who Have served and sacrificed, hosted by former Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor, Honourable Lynda Haverstock.