History of the Thomega Entertainment Inc. Canada Remembers National Documentary series

History of the Thomega Entertainment Inc. Canada Remembers National Documentary series

Thomega Entertainment Inc., began preserving history in 1997, producing its first documentary related to Veterans, titled We Remember Them, that aired on the ATPN network.

Then in 2001, Thomega Produced Canada Remembers; A Veterans Reunion.  It aired on Global Television nationally and a regional station, SCN, every Remembrance day, for five years after that.

In 2002, former Deputy Prime Minister, Herb Grey, publicly acknowledged and presented a peace dove carving and plaque to the producers (Anthony J. Towstego, Brian Swidrovich) for their efforts towards recording and preserving valuable Veteran stories. Further that year, Canada Remembers Veterans Reunion (show 1 of 6) was selected for the New York Independent Film Festival. Five more shows were consequently produced and added to the Canada Remembers programming over a twelve-year span. With the support of two past Veteran Affairs Ministers appearing on camera in two of the documentaries and contribution and endorsement from Veteran Affairs and many other organizations, we are able to educate more and more schools on our Veterans and history. We have had the collaborative support of the Royal Canadian Legion on this project since the mid 1990’s.

Program Creator, Producer, Writer and Director Anthony J Towstego, who was recently presented with an Honorary Membership into the Korean War Veterans Association, said, “It is so moving to see the incredible stories and programming aimed exclusively for our Canadian youth, receiving this one-time opportunity to be distributed to schools through the Valuable support of the Royal Canadian Legions, Nationwide!”

Brian Swidrovich, producer of the Canada Remembers International Air Show and Canada Remembers Programming said “Meeting and learning from so many Veterans and their families over the past 20 plus years, has made me realize the stories and even short sentences from our Heroes, can have a profound effect on the rest of us who are enjoying the freedoms of today’s Canada”.

Launching this project is simply designed to get the message of the significant services and sacrifices told by so many, into schools, libraries and related organizations. Coast to coast! The primary goal is to give as many students as possible access to over five hours of engaging, yet informative, historical programming which includes a teaching guide, that brings attention to the fact freedom in this country did not come free!

With you and your organizations participation, we can distribute DVD copies and the teaching guide to schools, libraries and to our history teachers all over our country. This project will be a valuable resource for years and generations of students. Through your Legion’s funding options at its own discretion, the Thomega Entertainment Canada Remembers documentary series is an excellent Educational Partnership opportunity, so you have the opportunity to benefit your Legion and schools across Canada.

Now Thomega is proudly offering Royal Canadian Legions across Canada (with the Royal Canadian Legion’s National Poppy and Remembrance Committee endorsement) the opportunity to assist through their contribution in securing sets and distributing this significant programming to all Schools and libraries and related organizations across Canada!

There are thirteen documentaries in total; all were made for Television allowing for commercial breaks, so each is only 47 minutes in length.  Although it is not required to watch in sequence, they are packaged in the order the series was produced.

  1. Canada Remembers: A Veteran Reunion, 2001
  2. Canada Remembers: It’s Time to Say Thanks, 2005
  3. Canada Remembers: Our Lasting Legacy, 2007
  4. Canada Remembers: Their Achievements and Sacrifices , 2008
  5. Canada Remembers: Women Who Served and Sacrificed, 2010
  6. Canada Remembers: Festival for Heroes, 2011
  7. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Brothers and Borders, 2020
  8. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: The Liberators, 2021
  9. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: A Soldiers’ Land, 2021
  10. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Operation Friction, 2022
  11. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Peacekeepers and Peace Enforcement, 2022
  12. Canada Remembers Our Heroes: Everyday After (PTSD), 2022
  13. Canada Remembers Our Heroes:Service and Sacrifice, 2023

Documenting these particular Veterans’ stories began twenty-two years ago and was driven buy a deep passion to record history.  Respectfully, this endeavor has been a great privilege. It has spanned over nearly two decades with the Canada Remembers Air show as the unique backdrop, helping capture the invaluable memoirs, comments, anecdotes, humor and tears, documented within these six discs.

We are immensely proud of this series as each and every program has been specifically selected and televised nationally by several Canadian and Regional Broadcasters, airing on numerous occasions over the years, most frequently during the Week of Remembrance.  The current interest from Schools and School Boards (across Canada) to access these documentaries for use as new educational tools, via the support of the Royal Canadian Legion, lends merit to the many new opportunities and benefits these Documentaries can offer all ages and all communities.

The backdrop to each documentary perfectly complimented the series’ message of gratitude for our Nation’s Veterans because of the captivating and unique contribution of the Canada Remembers Int. Air Show, long recognized as Canada’s leading and largest annual Tribute to Veterans event; a project that has received Regional, National and International awards for its purpose and dedication to Honoring Canadian and Allied Veterans.

Thank you for your interest in the Thomega Entertainment Inc. and its Canada Remembers Program; the intent has always been to share the stories of but a few of our Canadian Heroes.

It is our sincere hope that these documentaries will continue to reach schools throughout Canada and inform generations of students (as well as new immigrants to our country) for many years to come, preserving and Remembering our Veterans’ incredible service, sacrifices and achievements.

Anthony J. Towstego

Thomega Entertainment Inc
Volunteer and member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #362
Honorary Member of the Korean War Veterans Association

Brian Swidrovich

Volunteer Director, Canada Remembers Tribute Projects / Canada Remembers Int. Air Show
Member, Royal Canadian Legion #362
Member, Army-Navy & Air Force Veterans Assoc.
Member, Royal Canadian Air Force Assoc., Lynx Wing
Honorary Member, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron Snowbirds, Society of Honorary Snowbirds
Executive Member, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers / Past VP, Association of Crime Stoppers Programs of Saskatchewan