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Thomega Canada Remembers DVDs and learning Plan project, officially endorsed by the Royal Canadian Legion’s National Poppy & Remembrance Committe ….

As per article 402.vi.c. of the Poppy Manual the National Poppy & Remembrance Committee has endorsed the Canada Remembers DVD and learning plan produced by Thomega Entertainment. For more information on the Canada Remembrance DVD and learning plan go to www.canadaremembers.net or phone (647) 865-2726.

DVD Canada Remembers et le plan d’apprentissage
En vertu de l’article 402.vi.c du Manuel du Coquelicot, le comité national Coquelicot et Souvenir endosse le DVD Canada Remembers et le plan d’apprentissage produits par la compagnie Thomega Entertainment. Pour en apprendre plus sur ces deux articles, consultez www.canadaremembers.net ou téléphonez au (647) 865-2726. Veuillez noter que ces articles sont offerts en anglais seulement.

Deputy Director Corporate Services/
Directeur adjoint – Services organisationnels

The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command
La Légion royale canadienne Direction nationale
86 Air Place, Ottawa, K2L 0A1
T: 613-591-3335 ext 249
Toll free: 1-88-556-6222

Letters from Educators

Dear Royal Canadian Legion Committees:
I am writing this letter in support of the Canada Remembers DVD Series that Anthony J. Towstego has produced, in conjunction with supporters and Veterans of the Royal Canadian Legion.  It is my hope that the Royal Canadian Legion will rally behind this great memorial of remembering our Veterans in Canada, making it available to our schools to use as a resource in their curricular courses and as well incorporating it into their respective Remembrance Day Services.

Read full letter (PDF)

The following notice was recently sent to the Canada Remembers Commemorative School Committee, recently from an Ontario School.
“Thank you for having this wonderful resource with our students”
A. Grieco, Department of Social Sciences
Father John Redmond Secondary School, Etobicoke, Ontario 

For as long as I am assigned to Tommy Douglas Collegiate, I will have access to this resource. I fear that I may not be so lucky when the day comes and I am transferred to another school with fewer resources available. That would be a sad day for me as an educator.
Darryl Heskin  B.A., B ed.  (Teacher – Tommy Douglas Collegiate)

I am writing this letter in support of the Thomega Entertainment Canada Remembers Programing and Educational guide. The six documentaries filmed in Saskatoon have been a positive resource for our schools and teachers. The content and support provided to our teachers allows us to ensure that our students always remember the contributions of our Veterans.
Read full letter (PDF)
Scott Gay (Superintendent of Education – Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools)

Both personally and on behalf of Regina Public and Catholic Schools, we would like to share appreciation to Thomega Entertainment and The Royal Canadian Legion Regina Branch 001, for reaching out and providing Canada Remembers educational resources for the students, teachers, schools, and school communities across Regina.   Yes, Canada Remembers aligns with and supports Saskatchewan curricula, but more importantly, Canada Remembers supports student learning in understanding, honoring, and remembering the efforts, sacrifices, and legacy of our Veterans in protecting the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.
Juanita Redekopp-McKeown (Supervisor of Instruction, Regina Public Schools)
Jeannine Whitehouse (First Nations, Metis and Inuit/Social Studies Coordinator, Regina Catholic Schools)
Shayne McMillen (Social Studies /Math/Science Coordinator, Regina Public Schools)

We recognize and honour the service and sacrifice of Canadian veterans. I thank the Whitehorse Legion for this initiative and their generous donation, which will ensure all Yukoners, including younger generations, learn more about our history and those who have protected the freedoms we enjoy today in Canada.
Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

The Whitehorse Legion is proud to share the Canada Remembers resources with Yukoners. It’s wonderful to see our veterans share their stories and memorialize what they’ve been through. We must not forget what Canadian veterans have given us. We want future generations to learn about their service and sacrifice for years to come.
Whitehorse Legion President Joseph Mewett

Letters and References

June 20, 2018
Memo: Royal Canadian Legion Members, Comrades, Colleagues, Friends and Associates:
I am proud to extend my personal endorsement regarding a project that has recently been approved by Dominion Command for support through Branch Poppy Fund Trust accounts, for the purpose of helping ensure that Canadian school students receive valuable and timely documentary footage and an accompanying Learning Plan about the service and sacrifice of Canadian Veterans, past and present; a program that has already proven to be an asset within the Educational System.

ln addition, I wish to also extend my personal support and appreciation to two of the primary individuals who have diligently worked throughout the past twenty years to do
their part in helping preserve a small piece of our Canadian War Veterans’ contributions. (Download the full letter)

Pat Varga,
Past Dominion President,
Past President Saskatchewan Command

“They went out from all over Canada to help save the world. They succeeded. May God Bless each one of them, and may we never forget what they did”
Tom Hanks (actor)

“I am writing to express our gratitude for the unparalleled professionalism that was demonstrated throughout the air show weekend. As the West Coast Demonstration Pilot I have had an opportunity to attend many air shows and events over the last two years and your show is second to none in hospitality and aircrew support. We were also moved by the theme of unilateral remembrance that permeated the show. The Canada Remembers air show is truly a class act.”
Maj. Charles Stevens (United States Air Force T-6A West Coast Demo Team)

“My wife Linda and I thank you for having us as celebrity aviation guests at one of the finest Airshows we’ve ever attended. We’ve been exhibiting at an average of 15 shows per year for the past 11 years and yours ranks right up there at the top as one of the best organized.”
Col. Bob Morgan (Original WWII Pilot, the Memphis Belle B-17 – Deceased, Lest We Forget)

“Your show is one of the best … the theme is one that makes us, as Air Force pilots, proud to attend.”
Capt. Bruce Ehmann (1 Canadian Air Division, RCAF)

“Dear Mr. Swidrovich … It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations to you and your outstanding contributions. This honour pays tribute to your hard work and dedication to the citizens of Saskatoon and to Canada’s Veterans and Emergency workers. Since 1994 your efforts have enabled many Canadians to say ‘thank you’ to our service men and women” … “your devotion to the Canada Remembers Int. Air Show, as well as your pride in Saskatoon and Canada are clear for all to see and I join the many airshow fans and appreciative Veterans in expressing our gratitude to you” … “please accept my personal best wishes for every happiness in the future.”
Hon. Stephen Harper (Former Prime Minister of Canada)

“It is with the greatest pleasure that I take this opportunity to congratulate you on being chosen to receive the Commemorative Medal for the Centennial of Saskatchewan. Your personal ongoing commitment to our province is such a vital component in making Saskatchewan the great place that it is.  Thank you for your example to which all might aspire.”
Hon. Lynne Yelich (Former Member of Parliament, Minister of Western Diversification)

“Mr. Brian Swidrovich exemplifies selfless dedication to improving the relationship between military and civilian personnel” … “One of the principle values of the military is ‘Service before Self’ which he has clearly adopted for his own. Mr. Swidrovich is deserving of recognition and, more importantly, our thanks.”
Col. B.F. Frawley (Wing Commander, 17 Wing Winnipeg)

“In recognition of Mr. Brian Swidrovich, organizer of the Canada Remembers Int. Air Show, for his tremendous dedication and unselfish efforts of recognizing Veterans. His vision to focus this air show towards thanking Veterans and Police Officers is a stellar example for Canada’s air display industry. This air show is truly an event that inspires Canadians through the caring remembrance of our Veterans”.
MGen. J.J.C. Bouchard (Commander, 1 Canadian Air Division)

“These DVDs provide a compelling look at war as experienced by Canadian Veterans. Through the dispassionate describing of their role, the laughter or their friendships and good times and the re-experience of the horror of death and destruction, their message is clear: war is senseless. These video are excellent both in conception and realization.”.
A.G. Charpentier (Saskatoon Catholic Schools)

“As we come together as Canadians at the grassroots level across this country, it is engaged and hospitable people like yourself who will be the ones to make a difference”
Letter to Anthony Towstego from Justin P.J. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“The documentaries have been sent to over 350 schools across the country with a educational plan.  The intrinsic success is that the documentaries have been seen across the country by hundreds of thousands of Canadians.”
Herb Gray (Former deputy Prime Minister when publicly presenting Thomega Entertainment a plaque with a peace dove, in commemoration of its efforts)

The Royal Canadian Legion Nutana BR. #362 and the Korea Veterans Association wish to thank you for your dedication to recording and editing which is certainly appreciated by our Branch and all the KVA guys.
Jim McKinny (Executive Royal Canadian Legion Nutana Branch #362)

On behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion Nutana Br. #362 and its members, I would like to extend our appreciation for the ongoing efforts to record and retain the many valuable stories of our Veterans. Over the years, many of our members have seen these documentaries and they say it as a true joy to see so many of the Veterans’ mostly untold stories.
A.G. Tait (President – Royal Canadian Legion Branch #362)

I saw Canada Remembers Festival for Heroes last evening and was very impressed with your professionalism and how you were able to blend all the different elements and sequences together. The show had a good flow to it and addition to how tastefully it was done, it also had a great educational aspect.
Mr. Reginald W. Harrison (WWII, RCAF)

Andy was interviewed at the Canada Remembers Air Show in August 16, 2009.  It was very touching as we saw it air on Vision November 11.  Andy was so proud, as he received congratulations from the following people, by phone, in person and by letter, Denise Kinakin, Maureen Doeblele, Elena Doebele, Heather Craig, Marj Scully, Cathue & Lawrence Natyshak, Cyrstal Pollowick, Edward Jones, Audrey Lovegrove, Darlene Godson, Maureen Godson, Bill Andersen, Vicki Dealgle, Davin Doeblele, Jens Doebele, Shireley Barclay.
“He felt like a movie star and said it was like getting a “Golden Globe”. Andy passed away shortly after.
Letter to Anthony Towstego, from wife of  Andy Anderson who served WWII.

Anthony Towstego has dedicated much of his life to preserving history, he has risked much and has made his own sacrifices to do so! I am so proud of the Commemorative School Project he has help engineer,as each show and the compliment Educational plan , will have huge a positive impact on students for decades to come, promoting remembrance in a very unique way!
Douglas B. Richardson, QC

Anthony has shown great dedication by preserving historical data and compelling interviews. Canada Remembers is a visionary concept, and I was proud to play a role by commissioning early episodes of this series for broadcast when I was head of Programming for VisionTV a decade ago.

Producing and directing broadcast quality and exceptional creative content, takes exceptional courage and a deep understanding of communications, technology and presentation. Anthony and his team over the years have accomplished that. I’m very pleased that audiences across Canada and beyond were able to see the results and that Legions and Schools will continue to benefit through use of this material for years to come. This series will have a lasting and important legacy.”
Mark Prasuhn (former COO VisionTV, former GM SaskFilm, currently President, CMU College)

I would like to thank you for sponsoring the program Operation Friction by Thomega Entertainment, myself and my family watch it on Canada Day and as the President of Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada I would like to tell how proud I was to watch it and I could see how proud my family was of my service, in fact I had a tear in my eye for after 30 years since I served in the Gulf War we were finally recognized for our service in the Gulf War for not even the Canadian Government hasn’t recognized us for our service.

Thomega did such a great job I just wanted you to know how we feel. My other question is, I have a lot of Persian Gulf Veterans all over the world that would like to watch this and would you have a link that I can provide to then and the Government of Canada MP’s to show that your company and Thomega thought enough of Persian Gulf Veterans to present a documentary of such high value that everyone should watch it.

Thank you again for supporting Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada.
Harold Davis, President (Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada)
(05 July 2022)